Chain Safety Boom

ADOR's chain safety booms allow for easy assembly using simple tools to fully customizable lengths.

Chain Safety Boom

ADOR Tech, with the help of its international partners, designs, manufactures and supplies a full range of Chain Safety Booms that are used with minimal maintenance to restrain and protect watercraft that may have lost power or control from entering dangerous areas, such as weirs or sluices.

ADOR's chain safety booms allow easy assembly using simple tools and fully customizable lengths. Due to the weight and size of the boom modules, there is no chance that the boom can be lifted by hand to permit passage underneath it. The fixed freeboard and buoyancy mean the chains within the tubes remain clear of the water surface, and the floats cannot be submerged, preventing vessels from passing over them.


CSB800 / CSB1000


  • The booms are effective at stopping all craft ranging in size from 5 to 32 tons and varying speeds of 3 to over 7 knots. Collision testing has proved effective.
  • Grab handles are incorporated into the steel tubes between the floats to save people who land in the water, allowing them to make their way to safety.
  • The quality polyethylene material used for the outer skin is highly resistant to the damaging effects of UV light and color fade over time, ideal for applications in high UV environments.

At ADOR, as Ecocoast representatives in Canada, we distribute our marine barriers and provide technical support to assist with your model selection, installation, and anchoring methodologies, including maintenance needs. Get in touch to discuss your requirements!

Technical Details

Listed below are the general technical specifications of our chain safety booms. For the complete specifications in details, please download the catalog at the bottom of the page.

Float Sizes (): 800mm/ 1000mm

Primary Material: Rotationally moulded UV-stabilized polyethylene

Floatation: Marine grade closed cell solid polyurethane (PU) foam

Colors: IALA red, green, orange, black, yellow


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