Bottom Dumper

ADOR's Bottom Dumpers (BD) are designed for the continuous bottom discharge of pellets, rocks, and other rapidly unloaded commodities.

Bottom Dumper (BD)

With the help of its international partner, ADOR Tech designs and manufactures bottom dumper (BD) wagons suitable for pellets, rock, and other quickly unloaded commodities and designed for high-capacity continuous bottom discharge.

Bottom Dumper (BD) wagons, which are eight-axle wagons made up of a master and slave wagon, offer fast loading and unloading. Two large hatches at the bottom of the wagon open completely during discharge. We have emphasized the angle of repose to achieve complete emptying and optimize the center of gravity. There is a capacity of 20,000 tonnes per hour for rolling discharge from the wagon.

BD wagons are now in use in the Arctic regions of Sweden and Norway, where they have been tested and proven in a demanding subarctic climate. The BD unloading station is a low-cost solution that provides reliable service in temperatures ranging from −40 to +60 °C.


  • BD 20/8
  • BD 25/8
  • BD 25/10
  • BD 30/12



At ADOR, as Kiruna Wagon's representative in Canada, we have integrated our engineering and commercial expertise to provide customers with tailor-made solutions. We are ready to provide technical and engineering services for sophisticated and complex necessities of every inquiry based on the skills and experience of our staff, resources, and capacities. Get in touch to discuss your requirements!

Bottom Dumper Wagon Construction and materials

With more than 100 years of rail ore transportation and steel refinement experience, the construction combines robust bottom door function and low tare. Our ore transport system is more efficient and environmentally friendly because we have used ultra high-strength hot-rolled steel with a yield point of 650 MPa in the body.

A supporting frame distributes the force downward from the load to the chassis in the wagon body. Steel seams are durable, and heat effects on the steel are minimized using advanced techniques, such as laser hybrid welding and laser cutting.

Bottom Dumper Maintenance 

The Bottom Dumper has a modular design, which makes it easy to replace damaged parts. Except for the chassis, our maintenance concept aims to allow two people to exchange any component within two hours.

Technical Details

Listed below are the general technical specifications of our Bottom Dumpers (BD). For the complete specifications, please download the catalog at the bottom of the page.

Max axle load: 20 to 30 tonnes

Line load: 8 to 12 tonnes

Number of axles: 4

Wagon length: 10 to 12.5 m

Gauge: 1435 mm

Notice: All wagon types can be customized to fit your logistics preconditions, such as axle loads, length, volume, loading profile, AAR, and TSI.


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