Side Dumper

ADOR's Side Dumper Wagons are designed for the sealed transport of sensitive or hazardous materials. The technology is proven in a demanding Arctic climate.

Side Dumper (SD)

Our Side Dumper wagon is designed for sealed transport of sensitive or hazardous materials. The technology is proven in a demanding Arctic climate. The Side Dumper is equipped with a roof and optimized for sealed transport of hazardous and highly refined and valuable ore products in smaller volumes, such as enriched sulfide ores.

A straightforward unloading station increases overall efficiency, especially when goods are unloaded at multiple locations. It is possible to discharge and load the Side Dumper from both sides.


  • SD 25/8



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Side Dumper Wagon Construction and Materials

Designing the wagon to be production-friendly has been an essential component of its development, for example, using a central girder chassis. As a result of the design, the tare weight is lower, and production is efficient. It has been necessary to modify a pure central girder solution. In addition to the primary automatic clutch, disc brakes, articulation, and flexible placement of the body's attachment points on the chassis, preparations were made for a second generation of this wagon.

Wagon-mounted hydraulics are limited to the roof opening, with air and hydraulic pipes drawn into the chassis's central girder. The roof is opened through a connection to power points at the loading station. During discharge, the wagon is locked in the correct position before external lifters connect to the body and tip it to an angle of 55 degrees. The opening of espagnolettes and hatches is mechanically integrated into the tipping function. The roof is kept closed during the entire discharge process.

Side Dumper Maintenance

There is an easy way to change wear and tear components on the wagon, such as links, bushings, and rubber seals. Even more significant parts, like hatches and espagnolettes, can be easily unhitched and replaced. As a result of the bogie construction, maintenance time can be saved, for example, when servicing brakes.

Our close collaboration with SSAB, one of the world's leading high-strength steel suppliers, has been crucial in choosing the materials for this project because of the subarctic climate in the intended operation area. A 30-year lifetime is calculated for the wagon.

Technical Details

Listed below are the general technical specifications of our Side Dumpers (SD). For the complete specifications, please download the catalog at the bottom of the page.

Max axle load: 25 tonnes

Line load: 8 tonnes

Wagon length: 12500 mm

Gauge: 1435 mm

Unloading capacity: 1500 tonnes/h

Notice: All wagon types can be customized to fit your logistics preconditions, such as axle loads, length, volume, loading profile, AAR, and TSI.


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