Wheel Diameter Measuring Device

Diameter Measuring Device (MDD) measures wheel diameters quickly and accurately.

Wheel Diameter Measuring Device

ADOR Tech, in partnership with international partners, designs and manufactures a Wheel Diameter Measuring Device (MDD) that allows wheel diameters to be measured quickly and accurately. There is no need to remove wheelsets since MDD fits under locomotives, wagons, and cars. It can be used both in field conditions and in workshops.

Wheel Diameter Measuring Device offers an opportunity for regular control of wheel diameters. The measuring results are stored in the memory of the device and they can be transferred to a PC and integrated into the Company’s data system.

For trouble-free operation, it is important for the wheelsets to have equal diameters. Increasing the diameter difference will result in faster wear of the wheel. MDD is an indispensable tool for every railway and metro company in pursuit of cost savings and good service.


MDD-315/ MDD-350

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Wheel Diameter Measuring Device (MDD) measures the wheel diameter using a three-point measurement. Two of the points are established by fixed rollers, the third point is measured with an inductive position transducer. The measured diameter can directly be read on the two displays, one on each side. The measuring result can be stored in the memory of the device, together with the running ordinal number and the date.

The memory has a capacity for 1800 measurements. The data transfer from the device to the PC is made through a cable to the serial or USB port. The data are received in ASCII format and can easily be integrated into the company’s other programs.


The total measurement range is divided into four sub-ranges, individually designed for each customer. The required position is adjusted on the calibration stand with a calibration piece. The total measuring ranges are the following:

MDD-350 between 1255 and 750 mm, MDD-315 between 1050 and 590 mm.


The reading accuracy shown on the display is 0.1 mm. The true measurement accuracy is in the range of 0.2 mm if the wheel is round and has a good reference plane and running surface.


Technical Details

Listed below are the general technical specifications of our Wheel Diameter Measuring Device. For the complete specifications in details, please download the catalog at the bottom of the page.

Length: 345 mm to 380 mm

Height from the tread level: 151 mm

Depth: 106 mm

Weight: 1.5 kg measuring unit, total weight 6.5 kg 

Operating temperature: -5 bis +45 °C


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