Wheel Profile Measuring Device (RPM)

ADOR Tech designs and manufactures Wheel Profile Measuring Devices (RPM) that offer significant advantages for acquiring wheel profile parameters at a non-moving wheel.

Wheel Profile Measuring Device (RPM)

Wheels - one of the essential structural components of all rail vehicles - are subject to high mechanical stress and influence the running performance and riding comfort of the various vehicles. The wheel-rail system is subject to multiple requirements and controls to ensure operational reliability.

Furthermore, mechanical wear due to friction is a cost factor not to be disregarded. Therefore control measurements must be taken regularly, carried out mainly by hand. Thus, subjective measuring and reading errors cannot be ruled out.

ADOR Tech designs and manufactures Wheel Profile Measuring Devices (RPM) based on these criteria. This portable, laser-supported wheel-profile measuring system offers significant advantages for acquiring wheel profile parameters at a non-moving wheel.


OPTImess 48 CHPVS/ OPTImess 60 CHPVS/ OPTImess 60 CHPVS BT


  • Fast, high-precision measurement
  • Evaluation and instant diagnosis of the wheel profile condition
  • Easy measurements on installed wheelsets
  • Exclusion of subjective measuring and reading errors 
  • Recording and qualitative assessment of the whole wheel profile, not restricted to just a few measuring points
  • Immediate determination and display of wear characteristic dimensions
  • light, portable, and easy to use
  • wear-free design and end-user calibratable


  • average wheel diameter
  • monitoring of differences in wheel diameters of the entire vehicle, of the driving gears and trucks
  • acquisition and tracking of rail head profiles
  • interfaces to mainframe EDP systems for data transfer
  • runout measurement
  • rail measurement
  • equivalent conicity according to UIC519

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Mobile wheel profile measuring system

A mobile laser-supported measuring system ensures the acquisition of profile measurement data of wheel profiles of different dimensions and in the most confined spaces. With the aid of a data storage unit, the allocation of nominal and limit sizes for the respective type of profile is carried out. Measurements at the wheel and wear evaluations can be performed quickly.


  • high-speed practicability of high-precision measurements
  • evaluation and on-the-spot diagnosis of the wheel-profile working condition at mounted wheelsets
  • elimination of subjective measuring and reading errors
  • recording and qualitative assessment of the entire wheel profile, with no limitation to only a few checkpoints
  • immediate determination and display of wear parameters
  • high mobility of the measuring system
  • simple and uncomplicated handling capability

Wireless with Bluetooth tablet and data logger

Every customer has different preferences. Some prefer to work with large buttons - here, we recommend the wired wheel profile measuring device with a data logger - others feel freer when working with a Bluetooth wheel profile measuring device with a tablet. The decision is yours. We would also happily demonstrate the wheel profile measuring devices to you on-site.

wheel profile measuring sensors

Our wheel profile measuring sensors are laser-based and, therefore, non-contact. The profile is recorded fully automatically. The sensor has a small design so that it can also be used in confined spaces. The wheel profile sensors have received DB approval. The wheel profile sensors are waterproofed. The user can test and calibrate the sensor with a holder with the appropriate calibration block.

Principle of Measurement and System Components

For quick wheel contour checks by repetitious measuring during servicing, various mobile systems based on the OPTImess laser measuring system have been developed in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn (DB). This state-of-the-art generation of appliances operates independently of the electric network with four pcs of 1.5V Mignon accumulators. This device can measure up to 150 wheels without changing batteries. The measuring data are stored at the vehicle on a Datalogger MINI-LOG 1 and transferred via network or the Internet to the server.

Capturing the wheel-contour measuring data, such as wheel flange thickness and height, qR-measurement, and wheel diameter., is guaranteed - even with tiny free spaces at the wheel and varying dimensions - by the laser-based measuring device. Aided by a database, the allocation of the index and limit values to the respective type of contour is carried out and monitored. The complete contour graph for wear indication measuring can be created as an optional feature. Due to its small size, the system can also be used on modern low-ground tramways.

Wheel Profile Measuring Device Software

The database-supported software enables further evaluation of the data recorded profile of the vehicle. At the same time, it allows the management of all vehicles and wheel sets. In addition to the determined characteristic values of the profile, the complete profile curve is available for further wear tests. With the concentricity measurement option, the processing of the measurements can be graphically displayed.

The following evaluations are possible as standard:

  • Wheel flange height
  • thickness
  • qR dimension
  • wheel width
  • track dimension calculation
  • wear history
  • limit dimension comparison
  • the nominal and actual profile
  • profile coordinates of the measurements

The following options are also available:

  • Measurement of the wheel diameter.
  • Monitoring the diameter differences of the wheels of the entire vehicle, the drives and the bogies.
  • Interfaces for data transfer with central EDP systems
  • Hollowness

Run-out measurement and flat area detection (optional):

Wheel run-out can also be measured with a mobile wheelset turning device of the Windhoff RSD type. The lifting device raises the axle and turns while in situ. The laser wheel profile measuring system can be attached to the axle rotating device through a special bracket. Continuous laser measurement in the rotational plane determines and logs the run-out deviation during a wheel revolution. The continuous recording of the measure also enables the detection of flat-spot areas.

Measurement of rail profiles (optional):

Adapting the mobile wheel profile measuring instrument to a track gauge bar allows the measurement of rail profiles. The rail head profile can be evaluated using the "Rail Measurement" software.

Technical Details

Listed below are the general technical specifications of our Wheel Profile Measuring Device. For the complete specifications in details, please download the catalog at the bottom of the page.

Range: 48 to 60 mm

Standoff: 33 to 45 mm

Temperature range: -5 to +30°C, non-condensing

Wavelength laser: 660 nm

Laser class: 3R


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