De-icing system

ADOR Tech, with the help of its international partners, has designed a special integrated system to eliminate ice, consisting of a metallic structure on which diffuser nozzles. 

De-icing system

There are cases in which the ice present in the bogies makes it difficult to maintain the bogies and to carry out periodic inspections, which may cause problems in their operation. ADOR Tech provides a special integrated system for removing ice, consisting of a metal structure on which diffuser nozzles are placed lengthwise to cover the entire surface of the bogies.

The system is fully automatic and different programs can be configured depending on the amount of ice to be removed. In addition, our system will be able to reuse the water used in the process. The water used will be stored and previously heated by means of a heat exchanger.

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Technical Details

The technical specifications of our De-icing system will be adapted according to our customers’ needs. For more information, please contact us!



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