Train Water tightness facilities

This equipment allows for verifying the tightness of the wagons and locomotives once they are manufactured.

Train Water tightness facilities

This ADOR Tech equipment allows for verifying the tightness of the wagons and locomotives once manufactured. The system consists of a mobile gantry that moves longitudinally spraying water on the surface of the train.

Parameters such as pressure, flow rate, and the number of cycles can be configured according to customer requirements. In order to ensure a correct tightness check, the arc speed is regulated by frequency variations. Since water usage can be elevated based on buyers’ testing requirements for rolling stock, Aquafrisch includes a water recycling system. The control system has a touch screen for easy and intuitive use.


  • Mobile Gantry
  • Under Frame wash
  • Water accumulation system
  • Water Intake Detection
  • Different test programs
  • Water treatment after the test

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Technical Details

The technical specifications of our Train Water tightness facilities will be adapted according to our customers’ needs. For more information, please contact us!



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