A.G.V. (Automated Guided Vehicle)

A.G.V. (Automated Guided Vehicle)

Our entire range of tractors can work autonomously without a driver and meet the most stringent safety standards.

AGV systems, in a simple way, represent a vehicle that moves without a driver, automatically. The AGV systems are designed for the transport of goods, especially in repetitive tasks and with high cadence. This system guarantees the transport of goods in a predetermined route, without interruption and without the direct intervention of man.


Designed for the transport of intralogistic trolleys capable of moving in both directions. Capable of turning on its own axis with a maximum capacity of 2 tons.


Designed for floor/ground pallet transport operations or with lifting at medium height of production lines, without the use of trolleys or carts. Capacities up to 2 tons.


Complete range of agvs for dragging goods, both indoors and outdoors and with capacities up to 30 tons in one or several trailers.

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