Platform Truck

Platform Truck

Complete range of both loader and tow tractors, designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

2 Tons loading tractors with towing capacities of up to 25 Tons, equipped with the most advanced safety systems and guaranteeing maximum performance and quality.

VCA 412 / 415

Powerful, versatile and economical for internal and external routes. The driving position facilitates access with minimal effort. Loads of up to 2 tons and towing of up to 15 tons.

VCA 420

Ideal for towing medium and heavy loads, great maneuverability and autonomy.

Load capacity of 2 tons and drag of 20 tons.

VCA 425

Robust and powerful, designed for heavy loads and long tours both indoors and outdoors. Load capacity of 2 tons and towing of up to 40 tons.

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