Here you can find all products for railway infrastructure: from rail road loaders to roll forming machines.

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High quality booms you can trust

We offer high-tech booms to protect waterways, protect critical locations or provide safer waterways

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Rail depot Equipment

We offer a wide range of solutions for railway depot equipment: from train wash plant to sand distribution system.

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Smart Intralogistics Machines

We offer field-proven standard models for intralogistics as a significant part of the manufacturing process.

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AdorTech - Rest Assured
At Ador, we have integrated engineering and commercial expertise to provide our customers with a tailor-made solution. We are ready to provide technical and engineering services and supply goods for sophisticated and complex necessaries of every inquiry based on the skills and experiences of our staff, resources, and capacities.


ADOR provides engineering and commercial packages to its customers based on what they require.


ADOR can offer a wide range of high-tech and industrial products, from railroad vehicles to warehouses and specialized ones.

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Expert support.

You can be in contact with our experts just by filling out a form. Our colleagues will contact you in less than 24 hours.
938 Comfort Lane, Newmarket ON, Canada, L3X 1V7

938 Comfort Lane, Newmarket ON, Canada, L3X 1V7