Marine Booms for Environmental Protection in the river
Marine Booms for Environmental Protection: A Comprehensive Review of ADORTech Floating Booms

Marine booms protect our oceans, lakes, and other water bodies from environmental hazards. Whether it is oil spills, trash, or debris, marine booms play a vital role in containing and controlling these pollutants, preventing them from spreading and causing harm to marine life and ecosystems. However, marine booms are not only crucial for environmental protection, but they can also enhance safety and security in various ways.

This comprehensive review will focus on ADOR's floating booms and their use in marine environments. ADORTech distributes floating barriers and provides technical support to assist with model selection, installation, and maintenance needs as well as installation and after services. Contact us to discuss your requirements!

First, we will provide a detailed overview of floating booms, including their definition and importance for environmental protection. We will discuss the various types of marine booms and their applications, including Safety, Security, and Environmental Booms.

Next, we will dive into the technical specifications of ADOR's floating booms, including the materials, physical characteristics, and operational requirements. We will examine how ADOR's floating booms are designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of marine environments.

In the following section, we will review the performance of ADOR's floating booms through case studies and field test results. We will explore how ADOR's marine booms have been successfully used in different environmental conditions and real-world applications.

What is the marine boom?

What is the marine boom?

A marine boom (or a floating boom or containment boom) is a type of barrier used in marine environments to contain, deflect or redirect floating debris, oil spills, or other pollutants in the water.

In addition to their use in spill response, marine booms also play an essential role in protecting marine habitats, sensitive ecosystems, and commercial interests such as fisheries, aquaculture, and recreational activities. They help prevent pollutants from spreading and causing harm to the environment and the local community.

Moreover, marine booms can contribute to maritime safety and security by creating barriers around ports, harbors, or other critical infrastructure, protecting them from unauthorized access or intrusion. Booms can also be deployed in emergencies, such as natural disasters, to prevent debris or hazardous materials from damaging nearby areas.

Importance of Marine Floating Booms for Environmental Protection

Marine floating booms are paramount for protecting the environment from the devastating impacts of marine pollution. They are designed to create a physical barrier that can help contain, deflect, or redirect pollutants, such as oil spills, chemicals, or other hazardous materials, and prevent them from spreading further.

Floating booms also play a critical role in preventing pollutants from spreading to other areas, such as protected marine habitats, fisheries, or tourist destinations, which can have significant economic and social impacts. For example, a pollution incident can lead to the closure of fishing grounds or the cancellation of tourism activities, causing significant financial losses for local communities.

Moreover, floating boom barriers can contribute to a faster and more effective response to marine pollution incidents, which can help minimize the overall damage. When deployed early, booms can contain the spill or pollutant and prevent it from spreading, reducing the area that needs to be cleaned up and minimizing the risks to human health and safety.

Types of ADOR's Marine Booms

As the representative of Bolina Booms in Canada, ADOR Tech has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing various marine booms that cater to different needs and environments. ADOR Tech has leveraged its expertise to develop cutting-edge booms that offer superior performance and reliability, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards.

ADOR Tech has established itself as a leading provider of marine pollution response solutions in Canada by offering a range of marine booms that cater to different needs and environments. Its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability has enabled it to meet the evolving needs of the marine industry and significantly contribute to environmental protection.

The three types of marine booms designed and manufactured by ADORTech are as follows:

  • Environmental Booms
  • Safety Booms
  • Security Booms

Environmental Booms: An Essential Tool for Preserving Marine Ecosystems

Environmental booms are floating barriers with a flush-faced boom design that helps deflect debris automatically. These booms are crucial for controlling pollution at sensitive marine locations such as industrial sites, harbors and marinas, nature reserves, pumping stations, water treatment plants, and dam spillways.

Debris booms are designed with rotation-molded black or yellow floats bolted behind the curtain. ADOR Tech's debris booms are designed to be self-clearing when installed at a suitable angle to the current flow, enabling effortless debris collection at a convenient point. At ADOR Tech, we offer a diverse range of safety booms to meet specific requirements (Each boom is tailored to suit the different marine environments and conditions, ensuring that they perform optimally and contribute to protecting marine ecosystems).

Please visit ADOR's Environmental Booms page for further information.

1- Permanent debris booms

 Permanent debris booms

Permanent Debris Booms (PDB) are designed to be deployed permanently in a collection area to collect and recycle floating debris, including items like barrels, logs, trees, reeds, and seaweed. These booms provide:

  • A continuous barrier to debris flow.
  • Allowing workboats to clean up debris along the boom's face quickly.
  • Scooping up materials as needed.

PDBs are typically supplied with a roller compensator to accommodate varying water levels, allowing the boom to adjust to water-level fluctuations without compromising effectiveness. With their durable design and continuous debris collection capabilities, PDBs are an efficient and cost-effective solution for maintaining marine environments in the long term.

2- Modular debris booms

Modular debris booms

Modular Debris Booms are an excellent solution for temporary marine work, such as clearing drainage channels of aquatic weeds or mowing grass banks. These booms are versatile and can be quickly and easily deployed in varying lengths across waterways to collect floating debris, which can then be easily removed and disposed of.

Their modular design enables them to be easily transported and assembled, making them an efficient solution for managing marine debris in various environments.

3- Permanent pollution booms

Permanent pollution booms

Permanent Pollution Booms are the original floating debris barriers with a fully flush face design for automatic deflection. They are commonly used to control pollution and prevent critical infrastructure from being blocked.

The self-clearing design of these booms makes them effective when installed at a suitable angle to the current flow, ensuring that sluices, intakes, and other critical infrastructure remain protected. These booms are safe and efficient, making them a reliable solution for long-term use.

4- Litter fence booms

Litter Fence Booms

Litter Fence Booms are deployed in wetland habitats or other sensitive areas where protection from floating debris is required. These booms prevent debris from reaching these sensitive locations, reducing the need for manual debris recovery, which could cause damage to the area.

5- Log screen booms

Log Screen Booms

Log Screen Booms are essential for maintaining the operation of hydro dams by preventing floating debris from causing damage to the power plant. These booms comprise mesh screens that form a seamless barrier for logs and other debris.

The booms are designed to adjust to changes in water levels and currents and are connected using swivel connectors. Customized end connections are available to ensure the boom is compelling even as water levels fluctuate. Log Screen Booms reduce the risk of costly power plant failures by keeping debris away from the power generation equipment.

Safety Booms: Protecting Watercraft and Swimmers

Marine safety has become increasingly crucial as waterways become more crowded and hazardous. Safety Booms are a critical tool for safeguarding the public and reducing risks in the water. Environment Agencies and water utility companies across the globe rely on safety booms to manage navigable waterways and protect critical infrastructure.

 ADOR's Safety Booms are designed to provide public safety and are commonly used upstream of hazards like weirs and sluices. ADORTech offers a wide range of safety booms to meet diverse needs.

Please visit ADOR's Safety Booms page for further information.

1- Traffic Control Boom

Traffic Control Booms

Traffic Control Booms create a safety barrier to prevent even the smallest craft from passing through. They are ideal for nearshore applications, waterways, marinas, private water bodies, and nature reserves. The traffic control booms can be assembled rapidly using simple tools.

Due to the weight and size of the TCB modules, there is little possibility that the traffic control boom can be lifted by hand to permit passage underneath them. Fixed freeboard and buoyancy prevent the tubes from submerging, making it impossible for craft to pass over them.

2- Canoe Boom

Canoe Booms

Canoe Booms block the passage of small boats like canoes and dinghies. They are easy to assemble and can be customized to various lengths using standard tools. With a low maintenance cost and long-term lifespan, canoe booms provide a cost-effective solution.

These booms can be positioned to permit experienced canoeists to pass through while restricting novices who might encounter difficulties in kayaks or other light craft.

3- Rope Safety Boom

Rope Safety Booms

The Rope Safety Booms are designed to protect lives, vessels, and structures, making them ideal for flood defense and navigation authorities. They are carefully constructed to meet strict standards and regulations.

The rope safety booms consist of guard piles placed at intervals of up to 10 meters, with two ropes supported by floats that provide continuous freeboard and air draft. The floats are designed to allow up to two casualties to climb aboard without ladders, and the ropes enable them to reach the shore safely on their own.

4- Chain Safety Boom

Chain Safety Booms

The primary purpose of Chain Safety Booms is to limit access to risky zones, such as weirs or sluices, where boats that have lost control or power might enter. ADOR's Chain Safety Booms can be easily constructed with essential tools and customized to different lengths.

Since the boom modules are heavy and bulky, they cannot be raised manually to allow passage underneath. The chains in the tubes remain above the water's surface due to the fixed freeboard and buoyancy, preventing the floats from being submerged and stopping boats from passing over them.

5- Hemi Ball Boom

Hemi Ball Booms

Hemi Ball Booms are suitable for various water bodies, such as inland waterways, nature reserves, marinas, and private water bodies. They serve as demarcation lines, beach markers, and small channel identifiers.

The floats of Hemi Ball Booms can fit into stainless steel wire ropes that range from 8mm to 12mm in diameter. A hidden fixing system allows for a secure attachment to the wire, enabling variable spacing or pitch as per the client's specifications.

6- Recreation Boom

Recreation Booms

Recreation Booms serve a dual purpose by marking recreational areas and preventing jellyfish from entering. They are highly effective in deterring marine traffic, ensuring the safety of swimmers, and protecting marine life. These booms are suitable for short- and long-term installations and require periodic cleaning to remove marine growth.

The cleaning frequency varies depending on the installation environment. Using Recreation Booms, beachgoers can enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience without worrying about jellyfish or boat traffic.

Security Booms: protecting commercial ports and critical sites

Security Booms are crucial in safeguarding essential sites, such as commercial ports, naval bases, docks, power stations, and airport runways, from unauthorized access or accidental intrusion. These booms delineate restricted areas, reducing the risk of intrusions, accidents, and potential security breaches. ADORTech offers security booms that have been highly effective in protecting critical sites.

Please visit ADOR's Security Booms page for further information.

1- Port Security Boom

Port Security Booms

ADORTech provides a range of security booms that can be tailored to suit specific security requirements. Port Security Booms are designed to secure commercial ports against intruders and prevent unauthorized access. These booms are made of durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and resist corrosion. They can be customized to meet the specific needs of each port, ensuring that they provide the necessary level of security.

2- Airport Security Boom

Airport Security Booms

ADORTech also offers Airport Security Booms, ideal for securing airport runways and preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas. These booms are designed to withstand the impact of vehicles and prevent accidental intrusion. They can be quickly installed and removed, making them ideal for short-term installations.

ADOR's Floating Barriers Technical Specifications

ADORTech, with the help of its international partner, is a leading manufacturer of floating barriers designed for a wide range of applications, including marine safety, flood protection, environmental protection, and security. ADOR's floating booms are engineered for maximum performance and reliability in harsh marine environments.

At ADORTech, we understand the importance of technical specifications in ensuring that our floating barriers meet the needs of our customers. Our engineers work diligently to design and develop floating boom barriers that meet or exceed industry standards and customer requirements. Our floating barriers are made from high-quality materials resistant to UV, abrasion, and weathering, ensuring long-term durability.

Our marine booms are available in various configurations and designed to meet specific technical specifications that ensure optimal performance, buoyancy, stability, and ease of deployment. This part of the article will explore ADOR's Floating Barriers Technical Specifications.

Environmental Booms Technical Specifications

This section will introduce the technical specifications of our various environmental boom products. These booms are designed to protect and contain spills, debris, and other harmful substances from spreading into sensitive ecological areas. With different types and sizes of booms available,

our products provide an effective solution for a wide range of environmental challenges. We take pride in our commitment to quality and safety and ensure that our environmental booms meet the highest industry standards. Stay tuned for more detailed information on our products' technical specifications.

Environmental Booms Technical Specifications

Safety Booms Technical Specifications

This section will introduce the technical specifications of various Safety Booms offered by ADORTech. Our Safety Booms are designed to provide safer waterways by reducing the risk to the public and keeping water users away from dangerous situations. Environment Agencies and water utility companies rely on our Safety Booms for controlling navigable waterways and critical infrastructure worldwide.

Our Safety Booms are available in different types to suit various applications, and we will provide an overview of their technical specifications to help you choose the right product for your needs.

Safety Booms Technical Specifications

Security Booms Technical Specifications

This section will introduce the technical specifications of ADOR's security booms, which are highly effective for protecting commercial ports, naval bases, force protection, and other critical sites. These booms are designed to delineate restricted areas where there may be a risk of intrusion, accidental or deliberate. Our customizable security booms offer various options to meet each installation's needs. Stay tuned to learn more about the technical features of our security booms.

Security Booms Technical Specifications

Floating boom barriers case studies

ADOR's floating booms have been successfully used in various environmental conditions and real-world applications. From protecting sensitive marine ecosystems from spills to containing debris and trash in busy harbors, our marine booms have been tested and proven effective in protecting the environment, enhancing safety, and preventing harm to marine life.

Our booms have been deployed in various locations around the world. In each case, our booms have demonstrated their durability, reliability, and effectiveness in containing spills and preventing environmental damage. In the following, we will provide details on two case studies that showcase the successful application of ADOR's products.

Case Study 1: debris booms help critical infrastructure in Germany

Hydropower plants are important sources of renewable energy that require regular maintenance to function at their best. Debris booms are essential to this maintenance, preventing debris from entering the plant and causing damage or reducing efficiency. A German client in Bavaria had a major debris problem at their hydropower plant, endangering turbine performance. We engineered a bespoke solution using the Permanent Debris Boom (PDB600), which has a unique flush end side, reducing the burden on the existing trash rack cleaner.

The 54-meter boom creates a reliable layer of protection upstream to safeguard operations, and its custom-made end connections allow for the ability to adjust and maintain proper debris control despite water variation. Our full-service capabilities provide comprehensive support throughout a project's entire lifecycle, and we pre-assembled the booms to ensure a smooth installation, save time and maximize efficiency.

The client has been delighted with the debris boom solution, which significantly improved operations, successfully mitigating strain on the trash rack cleaner. The Permanent Debris Boom (PDB600) has been incredibly effective, improving operational efficiency and decreasing maintenance costs.

Case Study 2: Protecting Water-Based Power Generation

The largest hydroelectric plant in southern Africa, Hidroelectrica de Cahora Bassa in Mozambique, has collaborated with ADOR's partner (Bolina Booms) to provide debris booms to help maintain the plant. The plant provides the majority of energy to Mozambique's national grid, making maintenance essential to prevent disruptions to the country's energy supplies. Due to severe fluctuations in the water level behind the Cahora Bassa Dam, the plant has been experiencing ongoing operational problems with waterborne debris overwhelming the existing boom.

Debris Booms will prevent debris accumulation and damage to the dam's structure. The Log Screen Booms (LSB600) are being used to increase the reliability of the installation. 380m of booms were shipped from the UK in containers to Cahora Bassa, with a gate assembly designed by the company's team. The work was supervised by field engineers but undertaken by local workers employed by the power company using readily available hand tools.

 The Log Screen Booms have increased the plant's operational efficiency and reduced the need for maintenance teams to clear debris from around the intakes. ADORTech provides a range of protective products to prevent damage to water-based energy products, ensuring energy-generating infrastructure efficiency.


In conclusion, ADOR's marine booms are critical in environmental protection, safety, and security in marine ecosystems. By providing a range of types and technical specifications, ADOR's marine booms can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each application. Using floating booms to contain trash and debris, protect watercraft and swimmers, and secure commercial ports cannot be overstated.

Through case studies, we can see firsthand how ADOR's marine booms have been successfully deployed in different environmental conditions and real-world applications. The technical specifications of ADOR's marine booms are designed to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring they can perform effectively and efficiently.

In summary, ADOR's floating barrier booms offer a comprehensive solution for protecting the marine environment, ensuring safety for watercraft and swimmers, and enhancing security for critical sites.

At ADOR, as Bolina Booms representative in Canada, we distribute our marine barriers, and provide technical support to assist with your model selection, installation, and anchoring methodologies, including maintenance needs. Get in touch to discuss your requirements!